We’ve launched our new website!

We’ve launched our new website!

We understand that the scales of justice aren’t balanced, and we’re working to change that. The Gideon’s Promise team of reform advocates, donors, and public defenders are working to ensure equal justice for all. 

In 1963, the United States Supreme Court ruled that anyone of a crime in America must be provided a lawyer, regardless of their ability to pay. At Gideon’s Promise, our goal is to uphold that ruling in the fight to end mass incarceration. 

What YOU Get

Whether you’re new to Gideon’s Promise or you’ve worked with us before, we hope you’ll enjoy the innovative and educational website we’ve built with the help of the award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

During the meticulous web design process, we intentionally arranged every word and page to create the ultimate resource for you, whether you want to donate, attend training, or volunteer.

This new site has made joining the Gideon’s Promise mission simple! From one all-encompassing place, you can:

“In the course of the web design process, we also had the opportunity to capture images and videos of our team behind the scenes working to provide support to public defenders. We hope this media provides insight into our professional team’s true investment in creating a reformed justice system.

Gideon’s Promise is eager to put in the hours every day to transform our legal system. Whether you’re looking to get involved in the movement or learning from their expert team, look no further than Gideon’s Promise as the cause that will change the criminal legal system!”

— *Todd Smidt*, *Project Manager* at Lifted Logic

Help us Keep the Promise

Explore our new website for more information and help us keep Gideon’s promise.

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