Class of 2015 LSPP Graduates’ Reflections

At the Gideon’s Promise 2018 Winter Conference in Atlanta, GA, the Class of 2015 graduated from the CORE program. Here, three of the graduates, who were also Gideon’s Promise Law School Partnership Project (LSPP) fellows, reflect on their experiences. To …

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2018 Summer Institute Reflections

Five of the 55 members in the Gideon’s Promise Class of 2018 share their reflections on the 2-week Summer Institute. Strengthening public defenders & transforming public defense to ensure that those accused of crimes, who are most vulnerable, have equal …

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Igniting Change 2018 Recap Hon. Bernice Donald

“We all have different lenses, and we need to bring that to bear to have better solutions to problems.” – Hon. Bernice Donald, accepting the 2018 Igniting Change John R. Lewis Lifetime Achievement award. Click for more information about Igniting …

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What actions can I take as an ally of equal justice?

“It’s all of our responsibilities,” to advance equal justice and there are many ways to do so. Educate yourself on issues that you care about. Vote and be vocal. Empower yourself to take action as a concerned citizen, and collaborate …

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Gideon’s Promise Leadership: Learning from Experts

Gideon’s Promise offers a variety of programs taught by illustrious faculty to address needs specific to different levels of public defense professionals. For Chief Public Defender Keri Klein, the Leadership Summit “really made me pause and think about what I …

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Answering Tough Questions about being a Public Defender

Public defenders sometimes have to defend their career choice to others because many people misunderstand public defense work. Gideon’s Promise hopes that someday, the public will see, hear and value the voices of public defenders as they uplift the clients …

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