Criminal Justice Reform with Jonathan Rapping & Ilham Askia

In the halo of the election, it’s critical not to forget about our public defenders. Join Atlanta community activist and rapper Jeezy, our President, Jonathan Rapping & Executive Director, Ilham Askia discuss Rapping’s first book, “Gideon’s Promise.” They talk about …

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WBAI Radio

  Our President, Jonathan Rapping sat down with WBAI Radio hosted by David Rothenberg where they discussed the 2020 election, the value of dedicated public defenders, and Rapping’s new book, Gideon’s Promise: A Public Defender Movement to Transform Criminal Justice. …

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  Today, public defenders face a crisis, Rapping said. He described them as overworked and underpaid in representing 80% or more of the people who pass through the criminal justice system. “I firmly believe that as public defenders, our job …

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90.1 FM WABE

He began the conversation by saying to Rayam that he thinks the “reason why we don’t respect public defenders because we don’t care about the lives of the people they serve. I think this book is really important to say, …

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Public defenders are the key to ferreting out, and interrupting, that normalized injustice. They are indispensable to addressing the injustice America is mobilizing against in this moment. In recent months, all across the country, organized public defender offices have led …

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National Urban League

The Summer of 2020 – destined to be remembered as a season of unrest. In the shadow of a global pandemic that exposed gaping social disparities in economic and criminal justice, citizens across the country took to the streets in …

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The Rashad Richey Morning Show

On Tuesday, September 2nd, our President, Jonathan Rapping was featured on The Real Talk with Rashad Richey on 1380 WAOK The Voice of the Community! They discussed racial injustice, mass incarceration, and his new book, “Gideon’s Promise: A Public Defender …

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The Atlanta Voice

His book Gideon’s Promise is an extension or another manifestation of the organization he founded, also called Gideon’s Promise, which teaches public defenders to work more effectively within the judicial system by providing coaching, training, and professional development. It is …

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Rude Radio

Talking music and much more on Rude Radio this week with Jonathan Rapping, Founder and President of Gideon’s Promise.  LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE …

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