Call to Action: 


Action 1: Stop criminalizing poverty and end cash bail. Offer cost-free diversion programs over convictions, imprisonment, and probation.

Action 2: Stop treating jails like mental health treatment centers. Increase funding for Pre-Arrest Diversion programs to help divert people to resources instead of prison. Expand funding for non-punitive accountability courts.

Action 3: Treat children like children. Stop charging children as adults, stop caging our youth.

Action 4: Provide adequate resources for public defenders. Commit to providing the funding, training, and support public defenders need to fight against the routine injustice that happens to Black and Brown communities in courtrooms across the country every day.

Action 5: Demilitarize the police and stop police violence against Black and Brown communities. Badges must not protect anyone from having to answer for their actions.

Action 6: Increase accountability for prosecutors. Eliminate racial and economic disparities in charging decisions and sentencing recommendations. Prosecutors must make their charging decisions public.

Action 7: Hold accountable unethical prosecutors, law enforcement, and judges. End qualified immunity. Police and prosecutors who over charge crimes and hide, misuse, or withheld evidence must be held responsible.

Action 8: Promote community over convictions. Convictions destroy families and disenfranchise entire communities of people. Increase education resources and restore voting rights.



Why We March: 


Public defenders see the violence perpetrated against Black lives every day in court — often with few other people bearing witness. Following the lead of public defender offices in California, on June 8th we joined with public defenders across Georgia and the country to bear witness to the violence perpetrated against Black lives.

  • What: Public Defenders for Black Lives Rally
  • Who: Public Defender Offices Across the Country
  • When: All Day, June 8th 
  • Where: Cities all over the country



“When the cameras are off and no one is watching, public defenders fight every day to interrupt that violence.  As public defenders, we stand with Black Lives.”


Jonathan Rapping



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