Gideon's Gifts: Keeping the Promise

Our summer campaign, “Keeping the Promise” showcases some of the public defenders who fulfill the constitutional guarantee of quality representation. Supporting Gideon’s Promise strengthens the public defenders who tirelessly strive to zealously advocate for the voiceless in our country. Gideon’s Promise hopes you will enjoy hearing from our promise keepers.




“Helping traumatized and victimized people find a home away from the violence was the most satisfying part of my job.”


Read the Story from Evelyn Espinoza

El Paso, TX; Class of 2016




“In retrospect – both historically and presently – there is very little that separates a citizen from a client.”


Read the Letter from Kenneth Hardin

New Orleans, LA; Class of 2012



“I BECAME a public defender because I was raised in a world with exposure to the criminal justice system, and I saw how easy it was to become a product of the system.”

Read the Letter from Lauren Anderson

New Orleans, LA; Class of 2015



“[Public defense work] is the immediate, concrete, “direct action” of individual advocacy in the face of mass physical caging of society’s most vulnerable. It is, until poor people’s movements make it otherwise, the only way I can help break people out.”

Read the letter from Han Lu

New Orleans, LA; Class of 2016



Gideon's Gifts 2016


“How did I come to work in indigent defense? Honestly, it was Gideon's Promise.”

Read the Letter from Brandon

Pearland, TX; Class of 2013


“Transforming our criminal justice system so that all people are valued and empowered regardless of their race or income will make our communities safer, more peaceful, and more just.” 

Read the letter from Rebba

Knoxville, TN; Class of 2014


“Being a Public Defender means having a job that not only allows, but encourages you to see the good in people.”

Read the letter from Devin

Atlanta, GA; Class of 2010 


“Today, I tell my clients the same thing that the attorneys at the Public Defender’s Office said: I am here for you. I am here to tell your story. I am here to work with you to help you get through the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are in this together.”


Read the letter from Constance

Augusta, GA; Class of 2015


“Gideon’s Promise is the kindling for a new era of public defense. By bringing public defenders across the country together, Gideon’s Promise has become so much more than a training program.”

Read the letter from Kevin

Columbia, SC; Class of 2015

“Public defenders exist to help their clients stand up against the chorus of voices - police, prosecutors, judges - who refuse to see them as anything more than a line on the calendar that must be dealt with.”

Read the letter from Deanna

Lumberton, NC; Class of 2015

“It was as though scales had fallen from my eyes and I could no longer remain blind. I saw humanity.” 


Read the letter from Temitope

Houston, TX; Class of 2014





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