Episode 17 – The 2021 Rap Up

    ON THIS EPISODE  For the last episode of the 2021, hosts Jonathan Rapping & Ilham Askia are recapping their favorite episodes from this year! Each month we tackled hard hitting issues that not only plague our community, but …

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Episode 16 – No Rookies, Just Vets

      ON THIS EPISODE  According to Veterans in State & Federal Prisons**, an estimated 107,400 veterans were serving time in state or federal prison in 2016—the majority (98%) of which were male. Hosts Jonathan Rapping and Ilham Askia speak …

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Episode 15 – A Vote for Justice

        ON THIS EPISODE  Former President Barack Obama once said, “There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter.” With the 2021 Midterm elections approaching, co-hosts Jonathan Rapping and Ilham Askia dive into the topic of voting …

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The Rick Ungar Show

Jonathan Rapping was featured on The Rick Ungar Show. He spoke about importance of public defenders within system, the challenges that defenders face, and how we support them in the fight for justice. To listen to the full episode, click …

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Episode 14 – The Fight for Our Legal Rights

    ON THIS EPISODE  Do you know your Constitutional Rights? Episode 14 of Gideon’s Promise: The Podcast focuses on the importance of knowing our fundamental legal rights when encountering the criminal legal system and the affects that mandatory minimum …

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The Young Turks

      Our President, Jonathan Rapping was featured on The Young Turks to discuss the critical role that public defenders play in providing equitable justice to marginalized communities. For the full interview click here.    …

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